Demiforce - Summer 2001

Demiforce has released Drymouth to the public, free of charge. For a full explanation why, check out the textfile in the zip.

Yeah, I said I'd release the source code, and enough people asked me for it, so here it is. Have fun figuring it out.. It's not that bad, but it's not really commented all that much. I swear a lot in it though, so hey.

I've finally gotten around to releasing a bugfix for Wonderboy 6 (Genesis). Thanks to all my little henchmen out there for bugging me long enough to force this out of my subconscious, to gather the strength needed for this immense five-minute job. The journey was not an easy one, however I have managed to pull through and provide this this fine gem for you all. Amen.

And I lied about giving up on the Radical Dreamers project. I still toy with it when I'm bored sometimes. I've updated the control code sheet and decoder sourcecode; almost all the control codes have been isolated, but there's still a few bugging me. Lemme know if you can help. Check the page here.

And while you're here, take 2 minutes and sign my petition to get that badass movie '2001 - A Space Odyssey' re-released in theatres this year. I always wanted to see it on the big screen. Sign it a bunch of times under different names. They won't be able to tell. Don't make the names all stupid though.

(c)2001 NDF from day one and you know I don't stop.

hell yeah, that's what i like. :)