Dosxbox dev news
After being quite suprised at the sudden dosxbox v5 release,
Me and xport traded some messages back and forth regarding Dosxbox development and the dosxbox v5 source,

(basically, xport is violating the gpl because he can't release the source of v5 due to some code he added that he isn't allowed to release)

Xport hasn't added the new dynamic core in his v5 port, and he's not very interested in porting it any time soon
(he has the same problems i had, unexplained instability when running it, he got it to work very slowly by slowing it down, i tried his patch, and it crashed on my xbox, so it even seems xbox dependant, also, the dosbox crew is going to rewrite the dynamic core completely, another reason why xport won't touch it for now)

Cause of that, i'll be making a branch of dosxbox that'll solely focus on speed / dynamic core, and the idea is that once
i get the dynamic core up and running properly, xport will incorporate it into his branch of dosxbox.

(Cause you gotta be honest here, no one really wants to run dosxbox without the menu/interface of v5)
Saturday November 6 2004, 10:25 AM - HCl