Nero Procedure...


This procedure in intended for those running Windows XP who can not use the stripiso program. You'll need Nero Burning Rom (I used 5.5) from Ahead Software.

1. Start up nero and create a new compilation using the following options... (I don't know which options are absolutely required, but theses are the settings I used when it actually worked!)

* notice the "PLAYSTATION" system identifier, i've been told it's required...

2. Click the 'New' button and then add the following files from your working imbNES folder to the compilation...

- nes.exe
- psx.exe
- rombank.bin

3. Now burn the CD by selecting 'Write CD' from the File menu and then clicking the 'Write' button.

Note that this procedure will NOT create a CD that has a valid PSX license on it. Therefore you should use a game shark or something similar to start the emu.

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