July 29, 2001

Hey look everyone! This page actually changed! :)

In a brief moment of genius, I finally remember what my login/password was for the ftp. The password was actually never the item in question, it turns out, but rather I had the login all wrong and just assumed it was 'sintendo'. Regardless, I'm back on line so I can give you guys some updates. There's an old post I found on my hard drive that never got posted because I wrote it the day I realized that I didn't know my password. You can read it below, it tells the epic tale behind how I solved the problem that has been the most recent post you guy's have been looking at for over two months now... Or something like that.

As far as the backgrounds go, they are still no go. I've been working to hard on everything else to have time to figure out what's going on with those backgrounds. It doesn't seem that many of you really mind the whole white to black gradient thing anyways, so its going to stay arround for at least one more release. The good news is, Sintendo is in great working order. I rewrote all of the menu code into a single function that can be called for various different types of menus. There are many, many advantages to this. Firstly, all menus run off the same code, so they are conistant and less error prone than individually writen menus. Secondly, new menus can be added with little to no hassle; this allowed me to add all sorts of small messages to replace those old 'text at the top of the screen' messages that you couldn't even read on a TV. In it's place are simple message boxes, like "Loading", and a Yes/No menu that asks if you would like to save, etc. Advantage the third is that it gave me an excuse to fix both of the major problems with the game menu, being that it crashed if you did not have at least 11 games, and never showed the last game. The new minimum is 1 game. If you feel the need, you can burn Sintendo with only one game on the CD and it will work normally. You can also get rid of your old ZZZ.smc files, and for those of us who didn't create them, we can finally play Zelda (which, by the way, doesn't work very well due to lack of transparencies).

Saving and loading is in a nearly complete state. I have yet to add options for removing/inserting VMUs during gameplay, but I will in the next few days. If it proves to be less than problematic, I'd also like to get transparencies running again. I believe that I know where the problem lies, but memory constraints may turn out to be a large issue in fixing this. If all goes well, Sintendo Beta v0.10 will be available soon enough, though I continue to resrict myself from setting a date. Just know that things are going very well and I am currently in a "clean-up" state, where I am going through the already working emulator and looking for any problems that may arrise. Hopefully, this will be a relatively stable beta release that is worth making self-bootable...

More in a few days.


June 1, 2001

All apologies to any of you die-hards out there still waiting to hear what's up with Sintendo - if there are any. I got a new hard drive, a much needed addition to