DOS SoftVMS Executables


The Files (v1.6 225k) (v1.7 230k) (v1.7a 163k)


Usage (applies to latest version only)

Usage: c:/vms/vms.exe [-h][-d][-V][-1][-2][-3][-s:Speed][-I:FILE.PCX][-B:BgCol][-F:FgCol] game.vms

-h Displays this info

-d Debug mode

-b:FFF Change bios image file

-V Display version number

-0 Single pixel display (small) v1.7a only

-1 Single pixel display (medium)

-2 Double pixel display (medium)

-3 Triple pixel display mode (large) - default

-s:NNN Change throttle speed to NNN (numeric)


The following options are not present in version 1.7a onwards

-I:FFF Change background image to FFF (must be .PCX file)

-F:NNN Change colour index used as foreground colour to NNN

-B:NNN Change colour index used as background colour to NNN


A typical command line would be:

vms tetris.vms

Something more complex:

vms -s:320 -1 tetris.vms

The DOS port uses a file called vmu.pcx as a background image. If you want to change the image (which must be a PCX file) use a command line such as:

vms -I:newimage.pcx tetris.vms

If you use a different image, chances are that your palette won't match the palette used in the original vmu.pcx. The two command line options -B:nnn and -F:nnn can be used to change the colour index used as foreground and background colours:

vms -I:newimage.pcx -F:255 -B:0 tetris.vms


Key mappings

PC Key

VMU Control

Arrow keys

D Pad


A button


B button


Start button


Mode button


Exit emulator



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