Copyright (c) 1994-2003 Shinji Chiba. All right reserved.
Software by CH3. Designed for Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.

  • Graphics format
    KIFF New Graphics
    image format
    Download v0.08 update
    Kt Intelligent File Format(KIFF) is the superior graphics image format.
    KIFF can keep quality of the degree that it is the same as JPEG. and KIFF
    can be compressed more than JPEG in about half of the data size.

    CHP! New Graphics
    image format
    Download v0.00 finished
    CHP is the image compression technology of lossless optimized specially
    for two-dimensional CG and animation. Though high compression rate of
    the landscape picture can't be expected that much, It's realized with CG.

    FVQC New Graphics
    image format
    Download v0.01 update
    Fractals Vector Quantization Compressor(FVQC) is the excellent graphics
    image format. It get hints from Fractals and VQ compression technology.
    FVQC can be compressed to even 1/8 ~ 1/100 with keeping high quality.

  • Sound Tool
    SCMPX MPEG Audio
    player, converter
    Download v1.51 finished
    SCMPX plays and executes file format conversion of MPEG Audio
    files on MS-Windows. It has a decoder and encoder itself, so you
    don't need Windows ACM. [detail] [What's new]

    MANUAL HTML Download --- finished

    Online manual for the latest version of SCMPX

    SCMPXEXT Utility for SCMPX Download v0.01 finished

    Associates file extensions tool for SCMPX [detail]

  • Game Tool
    DUCK TrueMotion
    video player
    Download v0.2.1 finished
    DUCK plays TrueMotion 1.0 movie on Microsoft Windows 95.
    It has a decoder itself, so you don't need video codec (decoder).

    Cube2wav Nintendo GameCube
    ADPCM Decoder
    Download v1.00 update
    Nintendo GameCubeTM ADPCM decoder. [detail]
    Download sample adpcm.

    GBA GAMEBOY Advance
    emulator for...
    v0.10 update
    Nintendo Gameboy AdvanceTM emulator.
    GBA emulates 'Nintendo GAMEBOY Advance' on Xbox or MS-Windows.

    [Download japanese version]

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