GBA Nintendo Gameboy Advance emulator for XDK/Windows

  • Introduction
    - GBA emulates 'GAMEBOY Advance' on Xbox(XDK) or MS-Windows.

  • System Requirements (Xbox version)
    - XDK or Debug Kit (* These aren't mostly sold.)
    - These must recoveried by build 4039 or new one.

  • System Requirements (Windows version)
    - Intel Pentium-III 733MHz or better CPU (supported SSE,MMX)
    - (*)In short, GBA isn't run on intel x86 compatible processor such as AMD Kx.
    - Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000 or XP
    - Physical free memory of about 64MB
    - A display adapter that support the hardware T&L (such as GeForce4)
    - A sound device that supports 16bit output (such as SoundBlaster)
    - DirectX8 etc...

  • Other Requirements
    - A BIOS image of the GAMEBOY Advance.
    - ROM image(s) of the GAMEBOY Advance.

  • Features (Xbox version)
    - High speed processing.
    - A flash memory for the backup is created on the hard disk of Xbox,
    - and it can be managed in the dashboard of Xbox.
    - Based on Xbox TCR2.0.

  • Note
    - Xbox version is only for Xbox developers.
    - GBA has been designed for Xbox.
    - So, Windows version may be unstable than Xbox version.
    - Refer to a manual about the details.

  • What's new in GBA?
    - v0.10 increased stability of the windows version. fixed various bugs.
    - v0.04a fixed various bugs.
    - v0.04 release.
    - v0.03 fixed fatal error in ARM2x86!!
    - v0.02c added/fixed more various functions, and fixed bugs.
    - v0.02b bios emulation. added/fixed various functions.
    - v0.02a extension of the flash image and operation key arrangement
    - v0.02a were changed the same as other GBA emulators.
    - v0.02 transplant to windows. fixed IIR bug. fixed various bugs.
    - v0.01 supported audio.
    - v0.00 experiment.

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  • Screen shot [on Xbox(3), Windows(1)]

    Sonic Advance2 (c) SEGA, Pokemon ruby (c) Nintendo
    Final Fantasy Tactics ADVANCE (c) SQUARESOFT, Metroid fusion (c) Nintendo

    GameCube Nintendo GameCube ADPCM decoder

  • Introduction
    - Cube2wav can decode a general ADPCM data for the Nintendo GameCube.

  • Note
    - This tool is only for GAMECUBE developers.
    - Currently, we can't extract files from retail version of GAMECUBE discs.

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  • Introduction
    - DUCK plays TrueMotion 1.0 movie on Microsoft Windows 95.
    - It has a decoder itself, so you don't need video codec (decoder).

  • System Requirements (for playing files)
    - Microsoft Windows 95.
    - A sound card that supports 16bit output (such as SoundBlaster).
    - Pentium 166MHz or better CPU.

  • Currently not supported...
    - 'VideoSprite' mode.
    - 'RGB16V' algorithm decoding.

  • Note
    - This software may not run with Windows NT.
    - TrueMotion(R) is a registered trademark of The Duck Corporation.

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    * DUCK is a free software. Development work for this software has finished.
    - Support is not available for this software.


  • Note of game tools
    - Most part of the structures are made based on analyzing of some data or code.
    - So, it may not be able to correctly run.
    - You should not question about this tool to game maker.
    - These are free software.
    - These source codes are not GPL, LGPL.
    - If you have any questions, please send e-mail to me.