[01-22-6] Demiforce Interviewed

Supplementing their coverage of Radical Dreamers and other games in the Chrono series, Chrono Compendium has posted an interview they conducted with me a little while back. It fleshes out the history of our Radical Dreamers translation, the current state of Demiforce, and other topics. Check it out here.
                                                  - Demione

      [12-25-5] Radical Dreamers v1.4

H0h0h0h0h0h0h0! You knew Demiforce wouldn't leave that stocking empty -- just in time for xmas, we hit the scene hard with a surprise release -- Radical Dreamers v1.4! Thanks to RadicalR for this one - he did most of the work here. We're skipping 1.3 cuz that was his unofficial name for his patch; all the updates he provided for that version (plus some extra) have been rolled into an offical 1.4 release. Grab the translation here!
                                                  - Demione

      [10-31-4] Famicom Detective Club II 1.0

Hell yeah! A nice detective storybook game for the SNES. Grab the translation at The Whirlpool.
                                                  - Demione

      [12-8-3] Radical Dreamers v1.2

Ayup. Go grab it here.
                                                  - Demione

      [7-15-3] Graphics Section Completed

The first of the new sections, the Graphics section, has been fully overhauled. There you'll find many of my artistic and commissioned works from the past couple of years, complete with commentaries.
                                                  - Demione

      [6-30-3] Demiforce 4

It's been a couple years, and I felt it was about high time to redesign this old website. The old site design, Demiforce 3, couldn't really handle much more in the way of expansion, and most of the things Demiforce is involved with these days had no way of fitting into the old page structure. So, I decided a complete overhaul would be best.

The new site works like this: the blue bubbles at the left will take you to the different areas of the site, and the grey menu on the right will change depending on which area you're in.

However, most of the stuff here probably won't work yet. It's going to take me a while to import all the content from the old site into this new format. As I update the old pages, I'm going to be adding planning lots more information and description than what was there before. All in all, it should shed a bit more light on Demiforce, what it stands for, and what got it to where it is today.
                                                  - Demione

      [4-15-3] Radical Dreamers Released

Hey, whaddaya know, we actually released something on the day we said we were gonna.

Check it out.
                                                  - Demione

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