Please read the imbNES FAQ for answers to some questions that happen to be asked frequently...

What you will need:

- The zip file from the download page
- a CD burner
- a Playstation or PS2 that is already capable of playing games on CD-Rs (ie. a PSX with a mod chip, boot disc, etc...)
- Any burning program that can burn standard ISO images. I recommend CDRWIN or Nero.

Directions for imbNES v1.3:

1.) Download imbNES v1.3 from the 'Downloads' page.

2.) Un-zip all the files to a new directory on your hard drive.

3.) Run rombank.exe

4.) Under Add/Remove Roms, click the first button () to add all the ROMs in a given folder to your ROM list.

5.) Once you've added all your ROMs, you can manipulate the list to get it just the way you want it. At the very least, you'll probably want to sort the list alphabetically using the "AZ" button. ()

6.) When you're done making your ROM list, click the 'Build imbNES ISO' button () in the lower left corner. Then pick the appropriate license (USA | Japan | Europe), press 'Build ISO', and choose where to save your ISO image.

7.) Once the build process if finished, you can close rombank.exe. Now you're ready to burn the CD image that was just created...

Optional: If you're worried about wasting CDRs, you can test the image you just made using the PSX emulator PSXeven which you can get on the downloads page. (BIOS not included)

To Burn with CDRWIN:

1.) Start CDRWIN and click the first button: 'Record Disc'

2.) Click the 'Load Cuesheet...' button and find 'nes.cue' which was created along with your ISO file.

3.) Click the 'Start Recording' button to burn the CD.

To Burn with Nero:

1.) Start Nero and cancel the burning wizard if it appears.

2.) Under the File menu, select "Burn Image..." and find 'nes.cue' which was created along with your ISO file.

3.) Click the 'Write' button to burn the CD.

Using It Might Be NES:

After the splash screen, a list of ROMs on the disc will be displayed. Use the d-pad to navigate through the list to find the game you want to play. You can use the L1 and R1 buttons to page up and page down through the ROM list quickly, or press L1+R1 to go to the middle of the list. Use R2 and L2 to change between NTSC and PAL mode if need be, and press triangle to enter the options menu where you can enter game genie codes, reconfigure the controls, or reposition the screen. When you're all ready to play, just press start and enjoy! To return to the menu from a game, press L1+R1+Start+Select.

*The old help page can be found here if you want to burn an older version.

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