Please read the imbNES FAQ for answers to some questions that happen to be asked frequently...

What you will need:

- The zip file from the download page
- a CD burner
- a Playstation capable of playing games on CD-Rs (ie. a PSX with a mod chip, Game Shark, etc...)
- CDRWIN from to burn the CD (not absolutely required but used for these instructions)


1.) Download from the 'downloads' page.

2.) Un-zip all the files to a new directory on your hard drive.

3.) Run rombank.exe

4.) Click the 'Add ROM Directory' button and select any ROM in your ROM folder. (it doesn't matter which one) All the ROMs in that folder will be added to the list.

5.) You may repeat step 4 as many times as you need if you have ROMs in more than one directory. There are lots of other options to customize the rom list in version 1.3, so experiment until you have the list just the way you want it.

6.) When you're done adding all your ROMs to the list, click the 'Build ROM Bank' button. The program will create the file 'rombank.bin' in the same folder as rombank.exe

7.) When it's finished, close rombank.exe

7.5) If you are running Windows XP, you should follow the directions here for the rest of the disc creation process.

8.) Run makeisoXXX.bat, (where XXX is USA for NTSC systems or EUR for PAL) . This will combine the required files into an ISO image file to burn onto a CD (you need to press ESC once the progress bar reaches 100% or your ISO will not finish being made).

9.) Start CDRWIN and click the first button: 'Record Disc'

10.) Click the 'Load Cuesheet...' button and select 'nes.cue' from the folder where you unzipped the ZIP file.

11.) Click the 'Start Recording' button to burn the CD.

12.) Hope that everything worked.

Using It Might Be NES:

After the splash screen, a list of ROMs on the disc will be displayed. Each ROM is identified by a 3 character code (eg. 1C5 Super Mario Bros.nes). Use the L1 and R1 buttons on the Playstation controller to page up and page down through the ROM list. When you find the game you want to play, use the buttons to enter it's 3 character code, and then press start to play.

Note: If you already know the code, it's not necessary to page through the games before entering it.

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