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NesterDC SE is an Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the Sega Dreamcast. It is based on NesterDC 7.1 most recently worked on by Takayama Fumihiko. Other credits can be found at the end of this docment.

  • Sega Dreamcast console capable of booting CDRs.
  • Windows XP (Linux and OSX support for CD builder coming soon)
  • Blank CDR
  • A collection of NES ROMs (do not ask me how to get these)
  • An internet connection
  • Plenty of hard drive space for temporary files, CD images, etc.. A couple of gigbytes should be enough.

Preface from the Author
Many questioned me when I decided to work on an emulator many considered more than adequate. I had two main purposes for the creation of this newest incarnation of NesterDC.

First, improve compatibility and speed. The release of NesterDC 7.1 brought seemingly fullspeed emuation, but somehow compatibility dropped a couple of notches. Many games no longer worked that were fine in version 6.

Second, I wanted to see an emulator that had many useful extras such as screen shots, NSF music, cartridge scans, a favorites list, and more.

In the end, I have accomplished my goals. The result is an emulator that is, at the core, functionally an improvement over its predecessors but has a uniqueness that can easily be appreciated.

Features Overview
  • Fullspeed emulation on 99.9% of games
  • The most compatible Nester based emulator on any platform including PC
  • Various game related images by which you can use to browse the ROM libary
  • Configurable stereo separation of each NES sound channel
  • An NSF player
  • Insanely configurable controllers
  • Full screen sretched and pixel-for-pixel video modes
  • Built in Game Genie codes for many games
  • Full color instruction manuals for many games
  • User definable "favorites" lists
  • Zipped ROMs
  • Multiple save state slots (with the first slot being backwards compatible)
  • VS games correctly work
  • Ability to enter your own personal notes about a game and save these notes on your VMU

NesterDC SE with CD Builder application

Source CodeThis includes the source for the emulator itself, the Dreamscript JS scripting library, and the CD Builder. The CD Builder requires you to have the WxWidgets cross-platform GUI library. It was also designed using VisualWx as the IDE.

KOS Source Code - I had to make a couple tweaks to KOS here and there throughout development. I will eventually spell out what they are, assuming I can remember them all. Basically, trying to compile NesterDC SE with any other version of KOS other than this one will most likely either produce compile errors or might cause the emulator to crash at certain points.
© 2006 Paul Willarson