I was the first to have spoken,
and said just about all the things that you should say...

So yeah, I'm updating again. Got my hair cut very short, not such a good idea in this cold weather, but I like it close shaved. I'm having the movie night crew over tonight, probably gonna pick up something innocuous like "Undercover Brother" and some brews for the others.

I'm totally psyched because a new Dandy Warhols track was leaked out with Spin magazine this month, and I got ahold of it. It's very different from anything they've previously released (excepting perhaps their synth-pop excursions on B-side tracks like "Retarded"). It's pretty good, if you do some searching at your local bookstore (or on the internet) you should be able to find it.

One point of advice to all you out there who happen to have items like chainsaws lying around, DON"T KICK THEM. I kicked my chainsaw blade in bare feet on Wednesday and it took forever to stop bleeding... puncture wounds = not fun.

Also, I have been watching "Meet My Folks"... I know, total trash television, but it's pretty funny too. My parents wouldn't let any one of those girls through the door if they could help it. ROOFLES.

Work's going ok. Gotta get motivated today... gotta put in at least a couple more hours. I don't need no kiss and hug, I just need my coffee mug....

Listening To : The Dandy Warhols - The Last High

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Hanging out all by myself,
I don't want to be with anybody else,
I just want to be with you,
I just want to have something to do,

I spent my evening proofreading and helping to rewrite an academic appeal letter of a girl who's been essentially denied to continue in her studies because of some mistakes she's made, her background, and some other factors beyond her control. It's make me a little upset, just thinking of it all, even though I can't really go into it here. I just hope she's treated fairly in the process, that's that can be hoped for.

I'm frustrated a bit too, because I hate the idea that someone I've been friends with for a long time wouldn't even consider dating me, even when they know what kind of person I am. I suppose it's easier to take from a friend, even if it's second hand, but it still stings. My dating prospects right now have never been worse and I'm feeling it. I could always try to pull a Strong Bad and say "Screw You! I am AWESOME!". Yes, that feels a little better. Maybe a better Ramones song would have been "I Believe In Miracles" ... yeah, I like that one better.

So I'm gonna miss the big Calgary SF tournament because I'm going skiing that weekend. No big loss. Everyone knows Trung's going to win 1st anyways (and deservedly so, he's gotten incredibly good). Everybody who matters knows how good I am, and I don't need to win a tournament to show that.

Anyways, the Quest retreat for church is this next weekend. My goal is to be done my 3 revised chapters by Friday night, and I think I can do it. I had some very good work days last week, here's to keeping it up.


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For anyone who's ever lost, one who's dearest,
And the love of a friend.

On our worried knees given to all beliefs,
Scarecrows and disease haunt us all.

Oh, Bury Your Heads In the Sand.

So the last couple of weeks have been interesting. I've been watching my married friends as I always do. Some of my formerly brazen guy friends tremble in the footsteps of their mates. Some are too considerate, others are not considerate enough. It's all about human nature and coping with things, I guess. I suppose it's all about personalities and balances in their relationships, and it's true that people change when they get married. Some more than others.

I've been hanging with some people that come form different cultures. One just got engaged into an arranged marriage. Another just returned to his University program, after his father died (and his own subsequent marriage). More thinking.

Just came back from seeing, "Just Married". Crap crap crap crap crap movie. Except seeing Ashton Kutcher get hit in the head with a marble ashtray. (GO SEE ADAPTATION INSTEAD) Comedy gold right there. As "the Print Shop" for the Apple ][ used to say while it was getting ready to print, "THINKING.....".

The result: I don't want to be married if it's going to change my behavior so much that the balance of all my friendships are changed. I don't know why I feel bad that all my friends are married, because I don't want to be now anyways (although my competitive nature is distinctly suspect). Also, I don't think I want to ever see another romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher (although Brittany Murphy is free from this ban).

Anyways, work is going well. Apart from wrangling the CCIT network to accept our printer, that is. No fun, that.

And the song ends with "I Believe in One Love".

Listening To : Smashing Pumpkins - Glynis

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Phillip Wants to Be A Rock Star,
But He's A Bit Uptight,
So He Brings His Favorite Bettys with A Bottle Full of Whisky,
And He Sits On the Couch All Night.

Happy New Year! Things are getting better, I must say. I had a killer time on New Year's Eve, and Christmas was really cool. I got to spend time with almost all my friends and family members, got a bunch of GameCube softs (enough to last me a while) and everything else seems to be going to task once again. Even though I have made no real thesis progress, I managed to get 2 versions of the CIRP paper done, with a lot of new graphics. I have to do some editing for tomorrow night, but I'm fairly happy with the outcome.

I still have a bit of New Year's rotgut effect happening... my belly doesn't feel so good. I had quite a nice time but I did drink more than I have recently (probably since Jen + I broke up). My brother pointed out to me that I totally am a binge drinker and that I probably should give it up, because if something started going really bad in my life, it could be a really messy downward spiral. I am somewhat in agreement, so I'm going to go dry for 2 months here, which I think is a measured response.

I had my second practise as the drummer in a new band, the Army Surplus Six, and things are really coming along. Our songs are seeming to be simple yet really fun to play and catchy too. I'll probably start designing a website for the Army Surplus Six very soon. We need probably 5-6 more practises before we're ready to demo out our songs. I can't wait to put together the mini-studio in the basement.

No coding over the holidays for me... but if I can get my thesis done in short order, I can start looking for a job and do some hobby coding there as things wind down. Catan-DC, here I come! MSc, here I come! ASME, here I come (I'm probably doing another paper for the 2003 DETC, in Chicago! WHEE! I get to go to a wicked cool rock citay!).

I believe this year is going to hold a lot of good things for me, I can just feel it.

Listening To : The Dandy Warhols - Not Your Bottle

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