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Cryptic Allusion DCDev

Marcus Comstedt's Dreamcast Programming

Andrew K/Napalm Dreamcast - Not to be confused with Andrew WK ... no offense to Andrew, but he doesn't rock as hard as Mr. WK

DCGrendel's Devsite

IP.BIN Logo Insertion Tutorial

Maiwe's DC Development Page


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B00b Dreamcast Reasearch

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Nintendo Information Archive

tsr's NES Archive

NESDev @ Parodius



Something Awful - Delivering fresh every day

Seanbaby - Poor old Sean hasn't updated for a long time, but you'll find lots of gold in the archives

x-Entertainment - Matt Cara writes great articles for kids o' the 80's and basically anyone with a sense of humor! Check it out! I disagree about fitting Bruticus' chestplate ... I know how and I'm not telling anyone my secret!

Penny Arcade - Webcomic focused on gaming... very good stuff.

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