"You, Soft and only
You, Lost and lonely
You, Strange as angels
Dancing in the deepest oceans
Twisting in the water
You're just like a dream..."

I have been hired in Vancouver by AirGames Wireless, and am moving there to start work on September 2nd. This is the first public declaration of my newfound employment, as I wanted to be sure that the position was mine and it was firmly ready for me. I'm very busy here getting both my apartment and room suitable for showing to new tenants as well as packing my crap up for the move. I've rented a UHaul trailer for the weekend and my dear friends Russell and Darcie will help me by towing it to Vancouver for me. My Mom and Dad will be coming as well, to check out the place and help me move my stuff.

On top of all this franticness, and being torn about my decision to leave Calgary, I'm torn once more. All I can say is that I have shitty timing - but whatever.

This is the last blog entry for a while - I will be boxing my computer up after the weekend. Wish me luck on my trip if you haven't already - I will do my very best to call or mail everyone!

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So 3 days later, I have only just begun to come down from the emotional high water mark of Ogfest 2003 (AKA - Me + Ryan + Erin's Band - (the) Army Surplus 6's first real gig in front of people!). Here are some pictures to help you visualize the full awesomeness embodied in this venture :

The early adopters came more or less on time. Present were Lauren (Du Hast Tanzenfaber?), Jamie, Kevin, Chris, Jordan and Christine. Mrs. Fitzpatrick's Caesar salad has bite - and these elite few were treated to the wonder that embodies said salad. Among the topics of discussion were the definition of "Black" metal, places of interest in Ireland, and first concerts attended. Also, Jamie gets in my record book as the first Odinist I've ever met!

Here, Erin gives the ever popular horned hands before taking the stage! Did we rock when we took to the stage???

Of course we did! We gave it to them RIGHT IN THE JUNK! I'm just hidden behind the BBQ on the stage there! Thanks to Irene for taking these pics - they turned out very nicely!

What happens when the rock starts coming! People start taking their shirts off! Jordan here is getting into the act on Jamie's shoulders.

Aaron from Hot Little Rocket gives Ryan some ideas between sets.. while I blind him with my flash! DIE RETINAS DIE!

Here I am, working the kit! Mrs. Fitzpatrick and her friend look onward from the kitchen!

Here's Ryan, doing some vocals during "I Can't Get No Casual Sex" - our set closing song.

Erin stalks with the mic during the song.. making sure everyone gets a chance to add their vocal tinge to the performance!

After a hard day of rockin' gotta give a little stretch - and a bend - then jump into bed. Being the hardest working drummer in an Ogden indie rock band has it's benefits! Lauren (rowr), Joanna and one of Erin's friends decide to relax for a bit too!

Well, once you get kicked out of bed, you gotta crash somewhere... and there's no somewhere better than underneath an NKOTB comforter next to your drumkit! Which kid is your favorite? Jon? Jordan? Donnie? Joe? Or even the oft ignored Danny? It doesn't matter because all signs point to marginal warmth and comfort!

Over the course of the evening about 40 people showed up - all the copies of our 5 track party EP were snapped up... we still have more recording to do (1.9 more weeks worth), but I'm feeling good about our garage-recorded tracks.

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