Just finished writing an article about the new DOA volleyball game ad that I think really markets a game to the bottom line as much as I've ever seen.

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I got a link to this site that uses google to come up with phrases that refer to a proper noun. This is what it had to say about me. Thanks Jack, for the link. Here are my favorites:

matt is taking the extra
matt is new colts coach
matt is yummy's
matt is jerking off
matt is a clown
matt is great
matt is here to stay
matt is a crazy bastard
matt is king
matt is no match for frank horrigan
matt is the webmaster
matt is so cool
matt is a moron
matt is cool too cool for you
matt is scared
matt is pretty cool in those shades
matt is cute
matt is a critic
matt is way better than chocolate
matt is jerking off i remember when my favorite publicist maria asked me if i wanted to do something on suicidegirls
matt is 2xtreme

matt is the medic on call tonight
matt is me name
matt is a ridiculously common name
matt is brilliance in a rawhide satchel
matt is king just
matt is so hot 5
matt is chair of fig commission 5 on positioning and measurement for the period 2002 to 2006
matt is tight
matt is keen on giving his readers the details of how to run a successful business
matt is a moron and everyone knows it
matt is in the music management business and sells cheap '80s and '90s rock compilation cds out of several warehouses in colorado
matt is the narrator of the film
matt is being tested as never before
matt is gone again
matt is eager to make your voice over endeavor a total success
matt is the michael jordan of music"
matt is very personable and addresses the class with everyone in mind
matt is continuing a longstanding tradition on his mother's side of the family
matt is like the protective one that has a strong mind and heart
matt is a badass pimp
matt is left alone to guard his family's newly built homestead
matt is going to come back from his hiatus to run the next game
matt is out on the town
matt is not a happy one
matt is daredevil
matt is 24 year's old
matt is absolutely free
matt is likewise made a target
matt is a puzzle game in which the player must guide the eponymous hero around each level to collect all the apples
matt is working on a new bugtown comic book series for 2003 release
matt is an excellent athlete and has great jumping ability and is very fluent around the basket
matt is a megalomaniacal dictator who makes life miserable for everyone on his staff
matt is t00 p0gi
matt is assumed dead in a bank robbery attempt in montana where his brother and
matt is good

matt is a freshman in the college of arts and sciences
matt is playing electric guitar again yes
matt is to enhance the work by allowing it a visually neutral area into which it may expand
matt is currently in the studio putting together his debut album
matt is currently a member of the american meteorology society
matt is coached by russian michael khmel and managed by the shadow

I AM 2XTREME! BEWARE MY MATTITUDE! I am also the Michael Jordan of music so watch out!!

*update:* I got a LiveJournal, so check that out if you wanna.

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Awww Shit Yo, They Put A Median In Today!!

I was just doing some coding a couple of minutes ago, when I heard a screech, and from my window I saw a Civic CX plow straight on into the new median they put in today. Icy Cold Stunta boy here didn't get the memo. Actually, I think it's more likely that the steering mechanism sheared because he took the corner too fast (I've seen this happen to many Civics before). Of course, me being the great citizen I am, I ran out to heckle the Stuntaz, then take pictures!

After shouting at them from my room, my bro and I went outside to see the damage. The driver had left to get some help, to try and push the car back home.

Hehe, so check it, he pushed the median like 3 feet into the other lane. And what's funnier, is that you can see the skidmarks as he tries to turn in vain.

Uh Oh! That don't taste so good! Looks like some bendage there!

Here the driver's friends come, they're still waiting for the tow truck now as I type. That makes them SAAAAAAD pandas.... :( They tried to push it home, but the front axle was so badly damaged, it wasn't possible.

So there's a lesson in this kids:

1) Civics don't handle tight fast turns very well
2) Don't drive 20-30k over the speed limit, into a median
3) Movable medians are tricky lil' bastards. They appear at the least convenient times.
4) Your friends (and numerous people on the internet) will laugh at you for driving into immobile objects!

Congratulations, driver of the "VAGOS"! You have won the prestigious honor, "ZOOMTARD OF THE DAY!". OWASUP!

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All the Mistakes that I make, couldn't be made without you.

Just got a message from my dark master (AKA my thesis supervisor), whom I cannot disobey. Got to make an annotated diagram for him so this'll be short.

I've wanted to post up tracklistings for my mixes for a while, so here's the track listing for my current mix CD that I made recently:

01. Catherine - Whisper
02. Harvey Danger - Private Helicopter
03. the Primrods - Atom Smasher
04. the Vines - Get Free
05. Bikini Kill - Capri Pants
06. the Damned - Smash It Up
07. Goldfinger - Spokesman
08. Reel Big Fish - Thank You For Not Moshing
09. cky - Flesh Into Gear
10. Queens of the Stone Age - First It Giveth
11. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Love Burns
12. Fluffy - I Wanna Be Your Lush
13. A Perfect Cicrcle - Magdalena
14. HIM - Your Sweet 666
15. Tool - Parabola
16. System of a Down - Toxicity
17. Anti Nowhere League - So What!
18. Type O Negative - My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
19. PM5K - Bombshell

So I got the new SOAD album yesterday... it's a little disappointing, but maybe it'll grow on me like the last one did. Me = psyched for Metroid Prime on GC now too. And I'll probably get Metroid Fusion for GBA to play as well... as soon as I can finish Yoshi's Island. Back to Solidworks for the afternoon.

Oh yeah, and Foxy and Tintalle came over for games and fun last night. hax0rbunny went home with Tintalle again, after having adventures at the University with Sh0gunZ, butnot without saying goodbye to her (his?) parents for thanksgiving.

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First it Giveth...

So I was told this week about some possible legal implications of my Master's work. It sucks, I can't even talk about it here. Lots of paperwork etc. getting in the way of me getting free. It's all done now. Spent the rest of the day today playing MOO2 on my ancient computer ... which somehow has corrupted the desktop so the icons don't show up. MOO2 crashes every time I build stuff on certain planets, or mess around with captured prisoners... my ancient ASUS P2B-D mobo must not like the new Radeon 9000 I threw in there... alas. And alack. I just hope it lives long enough to do my Solidworks stuff and then I can get a new one when I get a job...

Heretoforth (hehe I used heretoforth) I am known as the UBERDORK! I decided to do my self-portrait in Bad Dudes style tonight in order to raise myself out of the depths of depression, as it was the best thing I could think of to do :

With many apologies to SA's JeffK :D R00FLE!

And pardon my continual reference to dorkdom (you have to be *that* good to be 007), but check this auction on ebay out!! I think somebody's gone batshit... the description says this sealed Metroid cart was found in a warehouse, I'll bet there's probably more than one of them that they found. At the time of this writing it was $250US... kee-razy! It wasn't as rad as the auction I saw for the big box Stack-Up though, I think it stopped around $500US.

Not that I wouldn't mind having it myself if I were some sort of evil billionaire genius instead of an apathetic ten-aire student. Although you can look on ebay and see what I've won lately... I haven't been treated too badly... hehe I've got credit, I'll survive.

"Nobody lingers like your hands on my heart,
nobody figures, like you figure me out..."

Sleater-Kinney, from "Oh!" off of their brand new CD "One Beat"


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Back From the Deadly - What's This?

Hey everybody, if there is anybody, who for some reason still visits this page. I haven't updated since Christmas 2001, and I decided that since my Master's work is almost finished, I'd redesign the old page for a change of pace. If you only care about my DCDev projects, this update is probably not going to interest you very much.

Here's the story of why I'm not done my degree yet: This is the one year anniversary of my Achilles tendon rupture. I couldn't walk for like 3 months after the rupture (thus why FrNES 0.60 final was released last year, because I had time to code away from the office). I healed well, but I lost 3 months of work time. I was interrupted again when my friend Foxy and I went to Germany and Ireland for a vacation (which, unlike my injury, was well worth the effort). Ryan introduced me to many of his friends in foreign lands, and I was very happy to make more than a few of them my own friends. I returned in June, and have been cranking on thesis writing, software development and detail design of a product with reckless abandon ever since. I have a few more weeks of writing and various other tasks that need to be taken care of before I can set a defense date.

So what do I want to do now besides graduate? I want to code a Dreamcast version of the popular Settlers of Catan board game ... incredibly dorky I know (sings *I've got a dungeon master's guide, I've got a 12 sided die...*) but it'll be fun to do some hobby coding for the first time in a long time. Also I did a ton of songwriting on my trip, at least at the primeordeal level, and I'm looking at demoing a bunch of my own songs for a new rawk-oriented project. I'm also starting as the drummer for the Odgen power rockers, the Army Surplus Six, and helping with songwriting duties there alongside longtime friend and collaborator R. Fitz (not to be confused with R. Kelly).

More or less.. the blog starts here... my hosting doesn't have PHP, Server side includes or database functions at all, so I'll have to edit this shizzat by hand every time I want to change something, but I may put a lil' server up at home (*shh don't tell Shaw!*) to do these things should it become a large enough hassle.

-Matt (ReGex)

"Independance and Indifferance are the wings that allow the heart to fly..."

Harvey Danger, from "Why I'm Lonely" off of their CD "King James Version"

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