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Feet of Fury has been the work of a large number of people. We go into a lot more detail in the game itself, in the online manual, but here is a quick list of the major groups who have contributed to the game.

The principle game design and implementation, and about a third of the songs were completed by Cryptic Allusion, LLC. Dan Potter team-managed, developed the code, and with a couple of exceptions, did most of the graphic design work. Roddy Toomim (aka DJ Geki) wrote the songs that CA contributed, created all the sound effects, and generally managed all audio aspects of the game.

Large portions of Feet of Fury are from the KallistiOS Project, which provides a free operating system and hardware toolkit for the Dreamcast(tm) and other console platforms. Dan Potter (same as above) is the maintainer of the project, but it has many contributors around the world now. KallistiOS is licensed under a new-BSD-style license. Other portions such as Ogg Vorbis have also been completely indispensible.

Music was contributed by FinalPlanet's Chojin, Kudos, and Aaron Marks.

The cool anime character artwork outlines were provided by RX, with the exception of Sedary. The pictures were colored by FoxxFire Crump, who also provided Sedary (outlines and coloring).

The GOAT Store is providing us with publishing services. They are great guys. If you are thinking about publishing a game on a retro/discontinued console, you should definitely talk to them.

We also have to give a major shout-out to all authors of the free software tools that, while we didn't include their code, they helped us immensely in writing this game. This includes Jordan DeLong's great LED Editor and Golem Window Manager. We made extensive use of Linux, The Gimp, Audacity, GQView, GCC and other GNU utils, FreeBSD, Samba, OpenSSH, and too many other tools to list here. Thank you all very much for sharing your efforts.

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