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The music's pumping. The arrows are flying toward the top of your screen and you're in the groove. Suddenly your opponent cackles and your arrows are going twice as fast and yet more spaced out. You got distracted by the sound scope in the background, but you've got it covered and now it's their turn -- their arrows are waving around like drunken sailors and you're both fighting to survive.

Welcome to the wacky world of Feet of Fury, a musical beat and dance game with a far stronger emphasis on player-vs-player combat.

If you're like us, you've played and played other music games until your feet wore out at the arcade and your legs are moving so fast that it'd require time lapse photography to see your steps. And yet you still want something more from the game, something a bit more interesting or challenging, but that doesn't require still yet more speed.

We're here for you, dear gamer. We feel your pain. And that's why we've spent almost two years building on tools and developing what we hope you will agree is a step in the right direction for beat games.

Developed using the KallistiOS free console development toolkit, Feet of Fury is designed to bless your Dreamcast(tm) with as much fun as it's had since Sega(tm) decided it wasn't cool enough for them after all. With spiffy 2D graphics, just a touch of 3D, music playback based on the free OggVorbis Codec, and the capability to use both a standard controller and DDR-based dance mats, we've got you covered.

And if you think we're slacking just because we're not a big development company, think again. With a selection of 22 songs to play, you'll have plenty of music to groove to in Feet of Fury.

Featured musicians include Cryptic Allusion's DJ Geki (aka Roddy Toomim), FinalPlanet's Chojin, Kudos, and Aaron Marks.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Our 100% unique Typing of Fury mode lets your feet take a rest and your fingers do the dancing! In Typing of Fury, you must type words in time to the music.

The game is also fully playable with a standard controller, so even if you don't like dance games or have no dance mats, there's still a whole music beat game to be played.

For those of you who played our preview/beta version, many surprises still await you! Not content to more than triple the available song count and build two new gameplay modes, Cryptic Allusion has also added an entire Extras section with a full online manual and 49 unlockable items. These include design notes, bonus songs, voice outtakes, bonus game areas and more!

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