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First things first: about 99.99% of Dreamcast(tm) owners will be able to simply buy the game and start playing it like any previous official title. Pop in the CD, turn on the system, and you're ready to go. No special mod chips or setup are required to play the game unless you have special circumstances. For more details, read on...

Feet of Fury ships as a professionally pressed CD with a booklet, and requires a Dreamcast(tm) console which is capable of booting standard CD (non-GD) media, also known as "MIL-CD". This generally includes all systems produced in America and Europe, and the majority of systems produced in Japan. If your system can run things like "Bleem!" then you are good to go.

Used systems can be had for as cheap as $40 USD from various used gaming stores. So don't let the lack of a system deter you from grabbing the game!

Feet of Fury also supports many peripherals for the full gameplay experience. In order to store your game progress and allow unlocking all of the songs, you'll need a memory card with at least 4 blocks and one file slot free.

You'll probably want some dance mats as well. These are available in all different shapes and sizes, from finger pads up to full arcade-quality metal dance platforms. Most pads are available only for the Playstation(tm), so you will need to get an adapter for those platforms. The game can also be played with just the standard control pads.

For Typing of Fury, you'll want a keyboard. We recommend the official keyboard that was produced by Sega(tm), but the Mad Catz(tm) adapters are also known to work.

Europeans rejoice! Feet of Fury is compatible with PAL 50Hz TVs as well as 60Hz. If your Dreamcast(tm) console is detected as a European model and you're hooked up to something besides a VGA box, you should get prompted for a 50/60Hz selection. We still recommend a 60Hz display, however.

If you already have equipment (such as dance mats and converters) and you are unsure if the game will work correctly with them, then feel free to download our compatibility tester app: raw files, Nero Burning Rom(tm) image. If you are familiar with "DC homebrew" then the first file is probably what you want; otherwise use the second. This app will let you test out various peripherals using the same interface code as Feet of Fury so you're sure you're 100% compatible.

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