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We have enlisted the help of several very helpful mirror sites to host the Feet of Fury Preview/Beta files. Below is a randomized list of these sites. You can pick one off the top, or you can choose the site you know is closest to you if you like. We'll hopefully be adding more mirrors as time goes on (and unfortunately removing dead ones). If none of the mirrors listed has the files you're looking for (e.g., DVD cover) then try looking around on one of the mirrors that has other types of files. There is often a link for that file.

In the table below, a star is placed in the column for each type of file which each site hosts. "DJ" stands for DiscJuggler; "Nero" stands for Nero Burning ROM; "Raw" means a set of raw files suitable for use with mkisofs/cdrecord; "SBI" is a Self-Boot Inducer pack; and "DVD" is the printable DVD-box jacket insert for FoF.

If you like what you see, remember that a full commercial version of Feet of Fury is for sale now on our publisher's site, The GOAT Store. The commercial version contains many more songs and is much more complete -- a typing mode, unlockables, and more!

ProviderDownload LinkDJNero RawSBIDVD
DCEmu Homebrew

If you'd like to add a mirror to this list, and can host any of the files (game images are about 30MB, the DVD cover is about 1MB) then please let me know! Email me at dpotter at cagames.com.

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